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Architectural Services
Architecture and Engineering

Design & Consulting Services

Architectural Design Services:
Architectural services are provided in the State of Florida and wherever we need to become registered. Our NCARB certification allows us to secure architectural registration in any of 48 States.
The Architect's basic services consist of those phases as identified below. They include normal engineering services as required for proper project execution.

Design Phase:
Based on a mutually agreed upon design program, schedule and construction budget requirements, the Architect will provide design
review and prepare design plans and elevations of the proposed project. In addition to the plans, presentation drawings will be prepared for the
Owner's use, including a preliminary estimate of construction cost. Design Development Phase: Upon approval of the design drawings and the Owner's authorization to proceed, design development documents will be prepared. These documents will be prepared based on the input of the construction specifications (i.e. material selection, building components, etc.). At the end of this phase the Architect will advise the Owner of any adjustments to the construction cost estimate. Based on the project scope, this phase may be a part of the construction document phase.
Construction Document Phase: Once the design development documents and design specifications have been approved, the Architect will prepare construction plans for building of the project. These plans will include all necessary engineering (structural, mechanical, and electrical) as required for proper project execution. As a result the plans will be prepared for building permit issuance and construction.

Bid Phase:
Following the approval of the construction
documents, the Architect shall assist the Owner
in obtaining bids and in preparation of the contract for construction.

Whenever we are selected as the architect on a project, we add consulting engineers to our "team", providing structural, mechanical, electrical,plumbing and civil engineering expertise, tailored to the needs of the project.
Our goal is to consistently provide truly "professional" services, always considering the "life cycle cost" of all decisions relating to materials, finishes and construction techniques.

The Architect represents the Owner's best interest in all negotiations with the Contractor.

The Architect keeps the Owner informed of cost saving alternatives discovered during construction,
Insures Quality Control during construction,
Certifies Contractor's applications for payment,
Monitors the construction budget,
Observes proper installation of mechanical,plumbing and electrical systems,
Conducts on-site inspections of the structural system and application of all building materials.


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