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Architectural Services
Pre-Design Meetings

Building Committees

Partnering meetings between the designers and users of the facilities are the first steps in a long and meticulous process of sucessful environmental design. The Architects will be involved in setting up interviews with every possible user group that is likely to provide meaningful input to the design. Our track record of problem solving is the result of an unusually close working relationship with committees and staff members responsible for various departments occurring within the organization. It would not be prudent to approach a complex project based on preconceived ideas of a "prototype" solution. The Architect should always develop the project with close attention to detail and sensitive awareness of users needs within individual departments.

Meeting Budgets

Architects are not unfamilier with the requirements to design within somewhat limited budgets and financial constraints. Regardless of what the scale of the project is, the Architect and design team is trained to be responsible for budget concerns during the design phase.
An excellent value for initial investment on project is one of the keys to a successful project. Control of budget requirements becomes an integral part of the Architects service to the client. Carefully coordinated of the project team and well detailed design solutions will translate into accurate and complete construction documents. Good construction documents that are incorporated into the "contract for construction" between the "Owner" and a General Contractor will assure the owner that the value of the intended facility designed will match the owners budget. The best design does not consist of the most expensive solutions, but is made by prudent and realistic awareness of the project scope and budget.