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"Masterplanning" can be provided by the Architect as an initial professional service that is separate and independant from standard basic "Architectural Design Services." The purpose of masterplanning is to determine the ultimate capacity of the site, including landscaping, outdoor activity spaces, driveways, parking, retention and drainage areas sidewalks and buildings. The masterplan identifies strategies for accomplishing the site development.

Good masterplanning is completely dependent upon a complete surveying of the physical property that includes: existing as-built drawings of existing structures on the property, a recent topographic survey, boundary survey, location and identification of all underground utilities, location and identification of existing trees and vegetation on the site, location of all existing drainage structures, and retention ponds, flood plain information and ingress/egress right-of-ways and utility easements. This masterplan and subsequent "land use planning" is completely contrived from physical data pertaining to the property that has been aquired by site investigations and public and private records. The Architect will assemble all available programmatic data, including growth projections by the owner as necessary to develop programmatic space requirements for buildings and related parking facilities.

The final masterplan will indicate the resulting proposed building footprints and related parking requirements and all vehicular circulation plans. As part of the final product, a professional rendering will show the ultimate development plans for the site.


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