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Scott Dorrough, AIA
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Scott Dorrough, AIA, CGC, LEED AP

3919 Lakeside Reserve Ln.
Orlando, Fl. 32810
cell 321-662-5631
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fax 707-760-4451

The practice of Architecture is a complex and challenging combination of the art and science of buildings. An Architect's basic services consist of contractual phases of work as identified in the following text. They include normal engineering services as required for professional project development.

Architectural Design Services:

Architectural services can be provided in the State of Florida and any State where Architectural registration is required.

The Design Phase:

The Project Design is to be based on a mutually agreed upon design program, schedule and construction budget. The requirements are hammered out with the client and users of the facilities. The Architect will provide design review
and prepare design plans and elevations of the proposed project for review and approval and input. In addition to the plans, presentation drawings will be prepared for the
Owner's use, a preliminary estimate of construction cost is normally prepared.

Design Development Phase:

When the initial design drawings and concepts are approved, and the Architect is given the Owner's authorization to proceed, the design development document phase will commence and documents will be prepared by the design team. These documents will be prepared based on the input of the construction specifications, material selections, building components, and such. At the end of this phase the Architect will normally advise the Owner of any and all adjustments to the preliminary construction cost estimate. As the the project scope is more well defined, the formal submittal of documents will again be reviewed and approved. The documents from this phase
may become a part of the construction documents.

Construction Document Phase:

Once the design development documents and design specifications have been reviewed and approved by the parties in authority, the Architect will prepare final construction plans for the project. These plans will include all necessary engineering (structural, mechanical, and electrical) as required for the projects bidding and construction phases. Initially plans will be prepared for building permit submittals that are to be reviewed and approved by the local building departments. Any revisions will be incorporated into the documents prior to the bidding for construction.

Bid Phase:

Following the approval of the construction documents by all parties, the Architect can assist the Owner in obtaining a list of qualified contractors for the bidding and construction of the project and in preparation of the required contract for construction.



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Construction Administration Phase:
As part of the basic services provided during construction, the Architect will visit the site at intervals appropriate to the stage of construction. The design professional will familiarize himself with the work
in progress and advise and consult with the Owner until the project is substantially complete. This phase includes, but is not limited to, interpretations of the documents that were prepared during the construction document phase, review and advise the Owner as to the contractor's payment requests, and provide a certificate of substantial completion and final punch-list to be completed at the end of the project.

Pre-Design Services
These services can be provided by the Architect and his consultants as Optional Additional Services.

Optional Additional Services:
Coordination of any vendors or activities other than those of the design professionals listed above under the heading Basic Services shall be provided for a fee for the additional services including but not limited to the following : Site Design and Civil Engineering, Interior Design Services, and Landscape Design Services.
The Architect shall provide a program which shall set forth the Owner's objectives, schedule, constraints, and criteria, including space requirements and relationships, flexibility, expandability, special equipment, systems and site requirements.

The Architect can establish and update a budget for the Project, including the Construction Cost, the Owners other costs and reasonable contingencies related to all of these costs.

The Architect can furnish surveys describing physical characteristics, legal limitations and utility locations for the site of the Project, and a written legal description of the site. The surveys and legal information shall include, as applicable, grades and lines of streets, alleys, pavements and adjoining property and structures; adjacent drainage; rights-of-way, restrictions, easements, encroachments, zoning, deed restrictions, boundaries and contours of the site; locations, dimensions and necessary data pertaining to existing buildings, other improvements and trees; and information concerning available utility services and lines, both public and private, above and below grade, including inverts and depths. All the information on the survey shall be referenced to a project benchmark.

The Architect can furnish the services of Geotechnical engineers when such services are requested by the Architect. Such services may include, but are not limited to, test borings, test pits, determinations of soil bearing values, percolation tests, evaluations of hazardous materials, ground corrosion and resistivity tests, including necessary operations for anticipating sub-soil conditions, with reports and appropriate professional recommendations.

The Architect can furnish structural, mechanical, chemical, air and water pollution tests, tests for hazardous materials, and other laboratory and environmental tests, inspections and reports required by law or the Contract Documents.

The Architect can furnish auditing services the Owner may require to verify the Contractor's Applications for Payment or to ascertain how or for what purposes the Contractor has used the money paid by or on behalf of the Owner. These Project Services provided by a qualified professional whose services and deliverables will be approved by the Owner.



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Scott Dorrough, AIA, CGC, LEED AP