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Day 1-FOOD Challenge
Immunity Monkey
Tree Mail
Grand Prize
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These were the Survivor Rules.

The Grand Prize was a Trophy and trip back HOME.

SCOTT was the host..
Would ANYONE be interested in doing it NEXT TIME ....?

Cookie & Spence & an Orange bandana.jpg


show your COLORS.

Each tribe member will draw a colored bandana from a box. The process will be a random selection of TRIBE membership. The colored bandana can be worn around the head, arm, leg or anywhere else that is appropriately showing. The CHALLENGE for each person is to keep the same bandana for the duration of the GAME. Your initials will be marked on the bandana. Each night at "Tribal Council" the ceremonial showing of the colors will be required. The idea is that every active player will be showing tribal colors. Any person who attends "tribal council" without the proper colored bandana will be eliminated from the game. Any person who steals or hides another person bandana will eliminated from the game. The idea is to "outlast and outwit" the other players.

Rally Style Bandana

The bandanas were colored ORANGE or BLUE ......... One RED and one PURPLE were included as WILDCARDS. PURPLE chose which tribe to join after all bandanas were pulled. RED was assigned by the HOST to a tribe to even the teams.

To promote fairness, the tribes will be chosen at random with the boys and the girls and the kids divided evenly as much as possible. The Host reserves the right to make changes to the tribes at any time throut the game. (as in the TV show)

Ardith leads the Blue Tribe in pen eating