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Notre Dame


Notre Dame is the most awesome cathedral that I've ever seen.


Kelli was awe inspired as well.

The gothic interior is too incredible to describe.

We had a real special experience in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.

There was a priest in there (imagine that), who was accompanying the visitors who were walking through the side aisles and witnessing to them about Jesus. He had the greatest of visual aids to assist him. The sculpture on the wall above was depicting the POS. His witness was in english so I listened. I senced the spirit of God and evangelism on him as he walked each guest along the path designed for just that purpose....pointing out the sculpted images and explaining there significance. As he finshed with one group of 1,2 or 3..he walked back to the beginning and started again. This was a much better place to win souls than at the bus stop. I was so impressed by the sincere laborer that I said a prayer for him right there. Truly the fields are white unto harvest.


The photo deserves enlargement.