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Divine Appointments

So many outstanding things happened but I will share only two. Both were
quality decisions for Christ that I was privileged to take part in.

First was a 12 year old boy named Lee in Dundalk who came back for the
meeting but would not go into the drama without his dog Tyson. I spent 2
hours with him in the stairwell and led him to Christ. We became friends
and wanted to take him home with me. I prayed that God would send him a
friend. He said "God already did send him a friend." He meant me. That
touched my heart. One of the men in the church lived on the same street as
he and walked him home that night. Lee lost both parents in a car crash in
England and is living with his alchoholic grandmother. Sometimes he stays
out all night. He's seen and done things a 12 year old shouldn't. Now he
knows that Jesus loves him and will take care of him.

The Boy and Tyson

Lee and Tyson


I met Brendan on the streets of Galway among thousands of people.
He marveled that 2 people that he knew stopped to greet him. I told him
that it was no accident that he was there. I told him that we had prayed
that God would grant us "divine appointments" and God had brought him to
us. His heart was pricked and I told him that the holy spirit was "on him".
The gospel was presented but he couldn't accept right then. He allowed me
to pray for him and I asked God to reveal himself to him. He promised to
come to the drama so I introduced him to the pastor. The church was tiny
and almost impossible to find. When he told him that it is behind Paddy's
Bar he knew where to find it. What a contrast from the throngs in the
streets. God was trying to tell us something. Later I knew what it was. See
Matthew 7:13-14. Enter by the narrow gate??t;br> Brendan is a young military man in special forces. He heard the gospel
presented again but couldn't go forward. I asked if I could help. I called
over Aimen from that small church. I told Aimen to lead him to Christ. I
knew he was ready. Brendan said again "I can' don't understand, It's
what I do for a living." When Aimen said that he had also been in the
military I knew that God had orchestrated the entire thing. Aimen compelled
him and when Brendan said "Yes" to Jesus and prayed "the sinners Prayer" I
knew that I had witness a "new birth" in the spirit. Brendan praised God
with us for the next hour as the angels of heaven rejoiced over him. As he
walked out of the church he raised his hands toward the heavens and said
"Wow, what a night"

I felt that my mission was complete.

Jesus is Risen !!