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Itinerary Page

If it's Tuesday, this must be the Tower of London...

Places We Went

Here I'll include a list of links to the pages where I describe our experiences at different locations.

At the bottom of the page there is a link to the current weather at our vacation spot below.


Nov. 26-Dec1
Post House Kensington
Wrights Lane, London , England W8 5SP

Phone : I will have to email the # when we get there. I can't find it.

Paris, France
Porte de Versailles
Phone : 33-145584558

Dec 1-Dec 8

I will be stopping in to check my can contact me
that way.

I made a website to track us through our trip if you want to. We will be
posting some digital photos.

On this page, I'll give an overview of our trip's itinerary or a general description of the places we went. Then I'll include a list of links to other pages where I describe each destination in detail.

I may also use this page to talk about how we planned our trip, such as whether we used a travel agent and the type of research we did in advance.

If my trip really did involve a single location, I may not need an itinerary page. Instead, I'll describe all our experiences on one destination page.

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