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We'll keep you updated on our travels to Europe...Wow Oui..

We flew direct from Orlando to London on British Air
hopping over to Paris and back to London and home on British Air


Nov. 26-Dec 1, 2000
PostHouse Kensington
Wrights Lane, London , England W8 5SP

Phone : 0870 400 9000

Paris, France
Porte de Versailles
Phone : 33-145584558

Dec 1-Dec 8 , 2000

I will be stopping in to check my can contact me that way.

We'll use this site to share the experience with everyone. We'll include our itinerary, the interesting sites we visited, and the interesting people we met. Don't worry, there will be lots of pictures!

On this home page, I'll put a favorite picture and give some general information about how the trip went. For example, I might talk about where we went, how long we stayed, and who went with us.

Thanks for visiting and be sure to sign our guestbook on our homepage...the link is found on the "Contact us" page.


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