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Family Members List Page
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On this page I'll list all the family members I know about. Then I'll link the names in the list to separate "Family Member History" pages I'll create for each person.

A family tree diagram would be great on this page. If we get one made.

Ardith Elliott (Yetter) (Dorrough)
Cookie Elliott (Seale)
Bob Seale
Jon Seale
Spencer Seale & Kim (FKA.....)
Meg Seale (Jose)
Brooke Seale (.....)
Hannah Seale
Scott Dorrough (FKA Yetter)
& Kelli (FKA Miller)
Stephen Dorrough (FKA Yetter)
& Linda (FKA Sanford)
Sheila Dorrough (Micheals)
FKA Yetter)
. be continued...

Privacy/Security Issues

I intend to ask all of my living relatives for permission to include information about them on this site. Some will not want their information published on the web, and others preferred I not include certain types of information (for example, birth dates). In all cases I will try to respect their wishes.