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Hello friends and Family of Scott (Flash) Dorrough. Not many things are free.........This Home PAGE is FREE from Lycos / Tripod..Get yours today and we will put links to it on the Family Website. There is a free message board set up for YOU on Search under Family/Parenting for it. It's the Elliott Family Website 2000 or JUST CLICK on the Link at the bottom of this Page that says "Family Bull-tin Board"
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Here is a photo of myself and Kelli on Honeymoon in Salzburg.
Our Austria and Italy Honeymoon adventure 2000.
Many of you have already seen some photos that we took on our trip. I will be posting more photos on the web soon and writing something about our adventures.
Thanks for the wedding gifts. We are still not finished with moving into the apartment yet...much less , writing our thankyou notes to you. The Phot above will become clearer if you wait for the whole thing to download.

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